New Mixing Area in Warehouse

Project Name:

New Mixing Area in Warehouse

The Client:

Potter & Moore

Project Value:

£33,833.00 + VAT

The Design Brief:

Design and install a new mixing area within the warehouse area.

Project Delivery:

With orders increasing more space was required to form a new mixing area. Several options were considered before a new location within the main factory was identified. Six new mixing bays were required with easy-clean walls, ceilings and floors. With room for a for lifts to manoeuvre products safely within the area. The bays would also require air extraction, power and lighting and hand washing station.

We installed a dust barrier consisting of sheet plastic fixed between roof and floor with taped joints.

Removal of double doors We carefully removed the existing sliding doors and frame prior to blocking up aperture with metal studs and plasterboard all taped and jointed and decorated.

We constructed six mixing bays 3.5m high and 2m deep as per the supplied consisting of metal studs covered in 12.5mm plasterboards all taped and jointed.

Wall Cladding, We covered the newly installed partitions in 2mm PVC sheet cladding including

all the required trims an adhesive.

Suspended Ceilings We installed 600x600x24mm suspended ceiling grid with vinyl

faced ‘clean easy’ ceiling tiles suspended from the existing purlins and We formed a bulkhead to support the weight of the PVC strip curtains, consisting of Uni-strut to span the existing roof purlins and dropping down threaded bars as required.

PVC Strip Curtains the outer Forklift Curtain – We installed 11LM of clear PVC strip curtain

3.5m high each strip 300mm wide and 3mm thick with a 63% overlap

Inner Pedestrian Curtains – We have allowed for the installation of 11LM of clear PVC strip curtain

3.5m high each strip 300mm wide and 3mm thick with a 56% overlap

Power & Lighting We installed a double Ip 65 socket within each bay providing power for the product scales. we install new double socket for the desk area.

and installed 12 number 600x600mm LED Panel within the new ceiling


and installed a new extractor fan motor and a vent in each bay and extracted to the outside wall.

controlled by a new 5 speed controller.

Hand Wash Sink

and installed of a new wall mounted stainless steel hand wash basin including hot and cold lever taps, water heater and waste pump.