Project Name:

Office Expansion

The Client:


Project Value:

£37,700 + VAT

The Design Brief:

The desk capacity within the main office was fully utilized, with the expectation of office personnel continuing to increase, further desk space was required. Several options to address this were considered and it was decided that incorporating two adjacent meeting rooms into the main office, would provide space for 10 additional desks being the preferred option.

Project Delivery:

We opened up the space to allow the two meeting rooms to be incorporated into the main office space by removing the dividing walls as far as structurally possible, we also had to address differing flooring levels either side of the dividing walls.

We were also required to fulfil the CDM roles of Principle Designer and Principle Contractor.


The main dividing wall between the office and the two meeting rooms includes an enclosed Electrical Distribution area (DA) and a large freestanding data server cabinet, it has already been decided that the cost associated with work to relocate these will be prohibitively expensive and also significantly disruptive to work in the office and therefore the DA cabinet and section of wall immediately adjacent to the data server will remain in place as an “island “within the expanded open plan office. 


The bulk of required works were completed within the two rooms as far as possible before making the final breakthrough into the main office, this enabled the work can to be carried out during normal office hours providing the noise levels produced are not so excessive as to have a detrimental effect on associates work taking place within the main office. Particularly disruptive works and works to breakthrough into the main office were carried out; outside of main office hours, i.e. weekends and evening after 17:00 until 07:00 the following morning.

The nature of the work fell within the requirements of CDM regulations, critically amongst the regulation requirements, safe control of access to the work area needed to be duly considered and agreed with the client due to the close proximity of office and site staff to the working area.